Families of Clinton, Maine

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'Frankie' Delia Lander (Dearborn): Report of Deaths of American Citizens Abroad 1900 Brown Memorial United Methodist Church 1910 Clinton Town Hall 1910 Clinton, Maine 1910 Clinton, Maine - The Corner 1921 Clinton Town Hall 1970 Clinton Town Hall 1971 MAINE CENTENNIAL 2016 Brown Memorial Library 2017 Brown Memorial United Methodist Church
A Beauregard Welcome Alex, Margaret Lucille (Kelley) Alexander Headstone Almonte, Maria (Cianchette) Almonte, Pasquale 'Patsy' Almonte, Pierino 'Percy' Almonte, Virginia Ashe, Doris 'Dot' (Cianchette) Ashe, Norris M Augustine Headstone
Austin, Irene and Lois Beach, Chuck and Chalmers Beardsley, Arlene (Frederick) Beauregard, Arlene H (Beale) Beauregard, Stephen F and Louise M Beauregard, Stephen, Sr, Louise and Stephen, Jr
Beauregard, Steve, Louise and 'General' Beauregard/Philbrook Engagement Announcement Belcher, Ervena M (Frederick) Bradley, Delmont and Lloyd Bubar, Ronald Wade Buzzell, Lyman Caron, Adolph R Caron, Inez (Cianchette) Caron, Inez (Cianchette)
Caron, Inez (Cianchette) Caron, Inez (Cianchette) Cianchette, Alton Edgar 'Chuck' Cianchette, Carl Cianchette, Clair Cianchette, Concetta (Susi) Cianchette, Domenico Cianchette, Edna (Steen) 'Marmie' Cianchette, Frank Cianchette, Inez, Frank, and Geneva
Cianchette, Ival Buddy Cianchette, Kenneth Cianchette, Madeline (Brawn) Cianchette, Norris Conant Family Headstone Conant Footstone Conant Footstone Coose, Delia (Webber) and George Coose, Edna and Nancy Coose, George H
Coose, George Henry Coose, James Colby Coose, James Colby Cousins On the Beauregard Farm Dangler, Danny and Barbara Deraps, Joseph Edward and Mathieu, Maude Almonza Dodge Family Plot Dodge, Maurice and Foss, Amanda Dostie, Godfrey with granddaughter Alexina Dostie, Lucie (Bilodeau)
Down on the Beauregard Farm Elkins, Sherman Medford Jr Foss Footstone Foss, Amanda J Headstone Foss, Amanda Jean Foss, Amanda Jean Frederick, Albert Frederick, Enrichetta 'Richetta' (Cianchette) Frederick, James Frederick, Roland
Frederick, Roland D Frederick, William Galusha Family Headstone Gerow Family Headstone Guite siblings.jpg Hinckley Family Headstone Hinckley Family Headstone Hinckley Footstone Hinckley Footstones Hinckley, Marguerite McNeil Headstone
Holt, Virgil C Holt, Virgil Connor Irish, Frank La Familia Cianchette LaFleur, Irene (Frederick) Lancaster, Carol (Hodgins) Lawrence Judkins driving Old Molly. Leeman, Harold Victor with his father Leeman, Willard Hunter Libby, Mary Ellen 'Ella' (Masure) with her daughter Betts (Libby), Maude Almira
Luke, Phyllis (Frederick) Marble, Adeline Jenny Marble/Plouff Record of Marriage McKenney Stephen G Moody, Nancy Newbert, Laura (Coose) Newbert, Laura Emma (Coose) Newbert, Ralph and Butler, Franz Newbert, Ralph with Mabel (Newbert), Laura and Evelyn Butler Oliver Family Headstone
Oliver, Bart Jameson Oliver, Bart Jameson Oliver, Bart Jameson Oliver, Bart Jameson Page, Laura (Richardson) Patterson, Guy N Pelletier, Marilyn (Cianchette) Perkins, Benjamin F Perkins, Sarah Deliah (Reynolds) Philbrick, Lena M (Vicnaire)
Pinkham Family Headstone Plouff, Marion, Adeline, and Doris Provenzano, Florence (Willard) and Peter Reynolds, Naomi N (Nelson) Headstone Reynolds, Thomas Headstone Scott Headstone Scott, Eva, Eunice and Kevin Scott, Rodney Earl Sr Spearin, Geo A and Co Spofford, Warren and Eudora Freeborn
Tardiff Family 1937 Tardiff, Amable 'Mack' The Clinton Tannery Wentworth, Alice M (Dodge) Headstone Wentworth, Alice May (Dodge) Wright, Geneva Ruth 'Johnny' (Cianchette) Wyman, Joyce (Almonte)