Families of Clinton, Maine

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1001 She is nicknamed Richetta. Cianchette, Enrichetta V (P36034)
1002 She is nicknamed Sadie Hackett, Sadie A (P11480)
1003 She is nicknamed Sadie Hughes, Sarah (P13343)
1004 She is nicknamed Sadie O'Connor, Sarah Maud (P21352)
1005 She is nicknamed Sadie. Rollins, Sarah Ellen (P463)
1006 She is nicknamed Sadie. Conley, Sarah Adeline (P7892)
1007 She is nicknamed Sadie. Lee, Sarah (P20048)
1008 She is nicknamed Sadie. Nelson, Sarah A (P20280)
1009 She is nicknamed Sadie. Spicer, Sarah Elizabeth (P25739)
1010 She is nicknamed Sallie. Mank, Sarah T (P16399)
1011 She is nicknamed Sally Mason, Sarah (P103)
1012 She is nicknamed Sally Bray, Sarah (P6953)
1013 She is nicknamed Sally. Pond, Sarah (P19221)
1014 She is nicknamed Sally. Foss, Sarah (P34909)
1015 She is nicknamed Speedy. Lewis, Lydia (P18444)
1016 She is nicknamed Sudie. LaVasseur, Cedulie (P31991)
1017 She is nicknamed Texanna Whittenberg, Texas Annie (P17633)
1018 She is nicknamed Tinnie. Messer, Melinda E (P16429)
1019 She is nicknamed Vangie. Weir, Ethel Evangline (P7660)
1020 She is nicknamed Vergie Moody, Virginia (P19068)
1021 She is the second born twin. Leavitt, Hattie May (P21691)
1022 She never married. Coose, Mary Jane (P3102)
1023 She sometimes went by Betsy and other times Ida. Lancaster, Elizabeth Ida (P5996)
1024 She was engaged to Capt. Samuel Sayward(brother of Capt. Daniel Sayward), who was lost at sea. She never married. Coas, Susanna (P3178)
1025 She was nicknamed "Delilah". Jellison, Deborah (P2021)
1026 She was nicknamed "Dot". Henry, Doris M (P1629)
1027 She was nicknamed "Georgie". Lawrence, Georgia Anna (P5998)
1028 She was nicknamed "Georgie". Bailey, Georgia (P8175)
1029 She was nicknamed "Olive". Anderson, Sarah Olive (P7329)
1030 She was nicknamed "Polly". Wyman, Mary (P2023)
1031 She was nicknamed Nathalie. Gilbert, Anatolie M Rose (P30389)
1032 She went by the name Agnes. Littlefield, Mary Agnes (P3339)
1033 Shot in the left knee on 2 Jul 1863 at the Battle of Little Round Top, he died of wounds at 5th Corps Hospital (Fiscel farm). Billings, Charles Wheeler (P9156)
1034 Slain by a group of Indians pretending to be traders. Luther, John (P3679)
1035 Social Security Administration. Social Security Death Index, Master File. Social Security Administration. Source (S957997572)
1036 Social Security Applications and Claims, 1936-2007. Source (S980301928)
1037 Social Security Applications and Claims, 1936-2007. Source (S983314985)
1038 Some records list her as Lizzie J, while other records indicate her name was Jennie L. Reynolds, Lizzie Jennie (P3882)
1039 Source records indicae her father was born in Michigan and her mother was born in Illinois. Thomas, Alice Minerva (P5658)
1040 Source records indicate he died at Emory General Hospital and his cause of death was chronic bronchitis. Young, Lewis P (P3646)
1041 Source records indicate he lived twelve hours and died from "infantile trouble". Robinson, Son (P19149)
1042 Source records indicate he was a lieutenant, junior grade, killed by hostile action when the helicopter he was piloting was shot down. His body was recovered and buried at Ft Rosecrans National Cemetary in San Diego, California. Barden, Arnold Winfield (P4630)
1043 Source records indicate he was a mariner and drowned accidently in Sep 1859. Ladd, Oliver (P6274)
1044 Source records indicate he was a Methodist clergyman. Scott, Joel (P40409)
1045 Source records indicate he was a private serving in the US Army during the Korean War. He is buried in the Danforth Cemetary. Ellingwood, Guy E (P3331)
1046 Source records indicate he was employed as a bottler in a bottling works. He was never married. He was buried in Swansea, Massachusetts. Morse, Darrell A (P4738)
1047 Source records indicate he was employed as a farmer and the cause of his death was accidental. Beedy, Fred M (P11723)
1048 Source records indicate her name is Mary. Curtis, Nancy (P14299)
1049 Source records indicate her primary cause of death was pneumonia, with influenza as a contributing cause. Haynes, Louisa Evelyn (P38788)
1050 Source records indicate his place of death as Leed Junction Goodwin, Harry W (P13971)
1051 Source records indicate she died of phthisis pulmonalis or more commonly, tuberculosis. Smith, Cynthia (P3110)
1052 Source records indicate she was idiotic. Gilpatrick, Rachel Augusta (P17209)
1053 Source records indicate she was known by several names including Sophia and Marie Louise Gagne. Quirion, Josette (P37250)
1054 Source records indicate she was on the barge Haverford in Boston Harbor at the time of her death from ileocolitis. Preble, Madeline A (P14807)
1055 Source records indicate she was the adopted daughter of James and Fanny. Her first husband, David Winship Faulkner, was also taken in and raised by this couple. Lester, Gertrude Elizabeth (P1017)
1056 Source records indicate the birth was attended by Dr. Curtis Farrell, Leslie Collier (P7625)
1057 Source records indicate the cause of death was a cerebral hemorrhage (duration: three days). She had suffered a previous attack five months prior to this second episode. Jennings, Eva J (P2378)
1058 Source: Maine Death Records Crocker, Eunice (P340)
1059 Sources indicate he was found dead in a concrete pit, after setting up a make-shift tent to keep warm. Papers found in his pocket identified him as Elijah Moore Beale, 48, of Baltimore, Maryland. Cause of death: Carbon monoxide poisoning. Beale, Elijah Moore (P7)
1060 Sources indicate he was self-employed as a water systems specialist, his wife's name was Mary, and he lived in Preston, Connecticut. Beale, Elmer George (P282)
1061 Specifically, Pemberton Ridge. Graham, Pearl Gladys (P32225)
1062 St. Cyril Province, Quebec Tancrell, Vitaline (P42831)
1063 Stark Cemetary Hickey, William K (P1190)
1064 State of Maine. Maine Death Index, 1960-97. Augusta, ME, USA: State of Maine Department of Human Services. Source (S981323249)
1065 Stillborn Beale, Charles Elijah III (P285)
1066 Stillborn Stewart, Lucy (P453)
1067 Stillborn Gutholm, Lizzie (P17423)
1068 Struck and killed by lightning. Rollins, Levi Thomas (P1919)
1069 The rumor is Seth McKenney was Effie's father, however, he married another woman the same year Effie was born. Estes, Effie Etta (P8975)
1070 There is an error in the transcription of the original birth record indicating the date of birth was 19 May 1904. The date should read 1906. Hunt, Beulah Mae (P10815)
1071 This information comes from 1 or more individual Ancestry Family Tree files. This source citation points you to a current version of those files. Note: The owners of these tree files may have removed or changed information since this source citation was created. Source (S-2136615137)
1072 This is the date listed on his WWI Draft Registration Card. Faulkner, Henry Patrick (P342)
1073 Thrown from his wagon and killed. Leach, Waterman B (P12147)
1074 Tuesday, Oct. 20,1835, "Portland Advertiser", Vol.XXXVIII, Issue 2, Pg. 1-Died, In Waterville, Mr. John Davis, a soldier of the Revolution. Died at the home of son, Adam Davis Davis, John (P42304)
1075 Twin brother of Lawrence Dodge, LeVane M (P1451)
1076 Vol. 1 pref. signed: Jesse F. Stevens, the adjutant general.|||Vol. 7 foreword signed: John H. Agnew, the adjutant general. Source (S-1734838934)
1077 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (P6856)
1078 When he was 3 months old his mother died. He was adopted and brought up by Russell's sister, Mary Susan Parkman and her husband Rev. Frank W. Brooks. His name was changed to Frank E. Brooks. Brooks, Frank Elbert (P12634)
1079 White Rock was an unincorporated village in Gorham. Small, Bertha M (P19527)
1080 Woodlawn Cemetery Thrasher, Arnold Henry (P12992)
1081 Wounded at Gettysburg. Dodge, Martin V B (P10805)
1082 Wounded at the Battle of South Mountain on 14 Sep 1862 Cossar, Joseph (P5050)

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