Families of Clinton, Maine

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Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA


Latitude: 44.4372947, Longitude: -69.2803202


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Alice Ruth  20 Apr 1931Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P32850
2 Bailey, Gladys Mae  17 Feb 1905Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P31682
3 Bartlett, Nancy  19 Jun 1799Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P42473
4 Cates, Winifred E  1895Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P21185
5 Clement, Minnie R  1897Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P33284
6 Davis, Irene  26 Jul 1817Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30693
7 Douglass, Adelene Ruth  Feb 1855Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30683
8 Gowin, Hollis T  24 Dec 1829Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P37175
9 Hall, Elvira A  2 Oct 1829Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P27781
10 McCorrison, Charles A  Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P10033
11 McLaughlin, Frank Jones  1 May 1874Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P37335
12 Messer, Melinda E  May 1843Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P16420
13 Monroe, Lucinda H  1861Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P27764
14 Otis, Hazel Grace  19 Sep 1922Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P22707
15 Penney, Charles R  1870Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P17681
16 Penney, Merrick  24 Sep 1910Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P17683
17 Prescott, George Washington  19 Mar 1827Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P35275
18 Prescott, John Wesley  16 Apr 1859Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P35258
19 Proctor, Abbie  Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P22892
20 Sprowl, Lucinda Maria  15 Jul 1830Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P22534
21 Staples, Henry D  8 Jul 1921Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P31387
22 Stewart, Ada E  10 May 1878Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30690
23 Stewart, Frederick Robie  14 Jan 1881Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30676
24 Stewart, George Avery  9 Dec 1849Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30684
25 Stewart, Lafayette Edmund  12 Sep 1860Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30703
26 Suitor, Beatrice Lillian  7 May 1922Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P23734
27 Vintinner, Carlene Ellen  9 May 1938Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P33840
28 Weed, Margaret Evelyn  1 Aug 1908Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P42003
29 Wright, Mary F  Jan 1854Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P37349


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bartlett, Joseph  2 Jun 1828Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P42476
2 Douglass, Adelene Ruth  1 Jun 1929Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30683
3 Hamilton, Ida Mae  25 Apr 1905Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P32831
4 Muney, Nancy  9 Dec 1825Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P42475
5 Payson, Sion W  10 Jul 1867Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P3150
6 Penney, Merrick  26 Nov 1910Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P17683
7 Simmons, Mary Ella  16 Oct 1919Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P25189
8 Sprowl, John Jr  7 Jun 1869Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P22542
9 Stewart, Acsha Elizabeth  4 Mar 1934Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30685
10 Stewart, Annie Almeda  17 Aug 1908Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30708
11 Stewart, Frederick Robie  2 Jan 1937Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30676
12 Stewart, Lafayette Edmund  11 Jan 1926Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30703
13 Thompson, Abigail  21 May 1883Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P22541


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Thompson, Abigail  24 May 1883Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P22541


Matches 1 to 53 of 53

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Marjorie B  1 Apr 1940Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P6442
2 Bennett, Amy Ann  15 Apr 1910Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P26399
3 Brasier, Hepsibath Ann  1 Jun 1850Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P27770
4 Brasier, Hepsibath Ann  1 Jun 1860Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P27770
5 Churchill, Bethiah  1 Jun 1880Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P27632
6 Cody, Blanche Evelyn  1 Apr 1930Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P6018
7 Cotta, Elmer Charles  1 Apr 1930Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P6019
8 Douglass, Adelene Ruth  1 Jun 1900Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30683
9 Douglass, Henry O  1 Jun 1900Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30692
10 George, Charles E  15 Apr 1910Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P32856
11 George, Gladys May  15 Apr 1910Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P31684
12 Gould, Helen S  15 Apr 1910Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30190
13 Gould, Inez Estelle  15 Apr 1910Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30191
14 Gould, Luetta E  15 Apr 1910Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30189
15 Gould, Perley E  15 Apr 1910Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30188
16 Gould, Roscoe Perley  15 Apr 1910Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30187
17 Hamlin, Antilca Mae  1 Jan 1920Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P22531
18 Huston, Ruth  1 Jun 1900Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30691
19 Incledon, Elizabeth Jane  1 Apr 1930Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P9180
20 Lampher, Amanda A  15 Apr 1910Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P32855
21 Lawry, Mildred M  1900Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30675
22 Lawry, Mildred M  15 Apr 1910Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30675
23 Mehuren, Winfield S  1 Jun 1880Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P27628
24 Messer, Melinda E  1 Jun 1850Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P16420
25 Messer, Melinda E  1 Jun 1860Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P16420
26 Monroe, Lucinda H  1 Jun 1880Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P27764
27 Nash, Norman  1 Apr 1930Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P19608
28 Newcomb, Hattie E  15 Apr 1910Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P17682
29 Nutt, Etta Eva  1 Apr 1930Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P3819
30 Nutt, Gertrude  1 Apr 1940Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P3814
31 Penney, Charles A  15 Apr 1910Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P17685
32 Penney, Charles A  1 Jan 1920Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P17685
33 Penney, Charles R  15 Apr 1910Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P17681
34 Penney, Charles R  1 Jan 1920Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P17681
35 Penney, Phoebe E  15 Apr 1910Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P4796
36 Penney, Phoebe E  1 Jan 1920Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P4796
37 Roberts, Ralph William  1 Jan 1920Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P31385
38 Staples, Sewell Lancaster  1 Jan 1920Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P31386
39 Stewart, Acsha Elizabeth  1 Jun 1900Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30685
40 Stewart, Ada E  1 Jun 1900Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30690
41 Stewart, Erma M  15 Apr 1910Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30674
42 Stewart, Frederick Robie  1 Jun 1900Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30676
43 Stewart, Frederick Robie  15 Apr 1910Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30676
44 Stewart, George Avery  1 Jun 1900Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30684
45 Stewart, Lucy J  1 Jun 1900Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P30689
46 Sylvester, Viola  1 Jun 1860Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P13209
47 Talenbloom, Benjamin  1 Apr 1940Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P6021
48 Webb, Woodbridge  1 Jun 1850Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P27978
49 Williams, James  1 Apr 1930Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P9181
50 Williams, William James  1 Apr 1930Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P6448
51 Williams, William James  1 Apr 1940Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P6448
52 Winters, Joseph Roscoe  1 Jun 1880Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P27765
53 Winters, Thomas  1 Jun 1860Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA P27771


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Gowin / McFarland  4 Sep 1853Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA F12792
2 McFarland / Whitten  16 Sep 1821Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA F3934
3 Penney / Newcomb  2 Dec 1901Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA F4652
4 Robbins / Lamb  4 Jul 1852Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA F3363
5 Russell / Clark  25 Nov 1936Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA F6091
6 Sawyer / Gowen  3 Oct 1824Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA F9790
7 Staples / Hamlin  1 Jan 1919Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA F9839
8 Tapley / Tapley  11 Oct 1922Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA F3126
9 Waterman / King  8 Jul 1865Montville, Waldo, Maine, USA F14540