Families of Clinton, Maine

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New York, USA


Latitude: 40.7127837, Longitude: -74.0059413


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Florence M  22 Jan 1896New York, USA P21897
2 Ilene R  1920New York, USA P28036
3 Lucy  1826New York, USA P13351
4 Margaret A  14 Mar 1822New York, USA P38910
5 Mary  1851New York, USA P32007
6 Mary Jennie  Apr 1874New York, USA P15232
7 Nora D  1883New York, USA P25017
8 Phoebe  1882New York, USA P17103
9 Rachael P  1809New York, USA P31242
10 Sarah  1834New York, USA P42210
11 Adams, Sylvia Diane  30 Apr 1943New York, USA P24845
12 Allen, Norma L  1923New York, USA P22017
13 Averill, Alice H  23 Jul 1904New York, USA P19803
14 Bang, William  Jun 1852New York, USA P40643
15 Bardol, Franciscus Xavier  1838New York, USA P29703
16 Beame, George William  1893New York, USA P42562
17 Beauregard, Mary Rose  May 1881New York, USA P3792
18 Beebe, Blanche M  1894New York, USA P4840
19 Bellomo, Louisa  1930New York, USA P42395
20 Bellomo, Paula  1927New York, USA P42396
21 Bellomo, Rose  1925New York, USA P42397
22 Benjamin, Frederick  25 Jun 1914New York, USA P40812
23 Bevier, Catherine  6 Apr 1794New York, USA P6078
24 Blair, Fred  1886New York, USA P13025
25 Boyce, Ana M  11 Jul 1851New York, USA P38831
26 Boyce, Lyman  Dec 1824New York, USA P38840
27 Bradley, Emily M  16 Apr 1847New York, USA P11387
28 Bray, Mary E  Jan 1862New York, USA P41024
29 Bruno, Mary Louise  1881New York, USA P33415
30 Cardinale, Anthony  6 Jan 1926New York, USA P42367
31 Chase, Elizabeth  New York, USA P12981
32 Ciulla, Nettie L  4 Apr 1926New York, USA P18174
33 Coonley, Mary Jane  1828New York, USA P31135
34 Dame, Mary Elizabeth  21 Jul 1872New York, USA P32976
35 Daniels, Delia  1878New York, USA P26502
36 Davies, Elizabeth  10 Apr 1863New York, USA P42337
37 Davison, Ella E  28 Sep 1897New York, USA P42360
38 Davison, Emma  21 Nov 1894New York, USA P42359
39 DeGregory, Ralph  1906New York, USA P5441
40 Doin, Anna  1912New York, USA P32010
41 Donavan, Cornelia M  Apr 1859New York, USA P28813
42 Douglass, Emma J  15 Jun 1852New York, USA P24782
43 Dumas, Elizabeth  1904New York, USA P32003
44 Dumas, Florence E  Apr 1900New York, USA P32005
45 Dumas, Francis  1903New York, USA P32004
46 Dumas, Fredrick  1909New York, USA P32006
47 Dumas, George  Jun 1868New York, USA P31999
48 Dumas, Lucia J  25 May 1898New York, USA P12168
49 Dumas, Marjorie  1931New York, USA P32009
50 Durand, Edward  1838New York, USA P38850
51 Durso, Bridget  1920New York, USA P42422
52 Ellis, Mary N  1794New York, USA P2027
53 Ellsworth, Delbert H  1879New York, USA P38909
54 Ellsworth, Lillian B  7 Aug 1876New York, USA P38894
55 Ellsworth, Margaret A  1875New York, USA P38908
56 Ellsworth, Orange  1816New York, USA P38911
57 Everitt, Aaron Westbrook  22 Sep 1794New York, USA P12097
58 Everitt, Abraham  1768New York, USA P12094
59 Everitt, George S  1829New York, USA P6083
60 Faas, Helena  17 Jul 1888New York, USA P41669
61 Farnsworth, Mary B  1850New York, USA P6341
62 Farquharson, William Ray  Dec 1890New York, USA P8332
63 Fitzgerald, John Henry  1843New York, USA P23603
64 Fontaine, Lavinia E  1835New York, USA P38827
65 Fuller, Narcissa Maud  Jun 1876New York, USA P36549
66 Gardiner, Matilda K  1 Jul 1863New York, USA P38818
67 Garone, Grace  1924New York, USA P42333
68 Garone, Rocco Jr  1926New York, USA P42336
69 Gilley, Susan Ellen  7 Nov 1858New York, USA P29955
70 Gilman, Ralph F  1884New York, USA P17864
71 Gragg, Clyde A  Mar 1890New York, USA P19187
72 Gragg, Doris K  1904New York, USA P19218
73 Gragg, George W  1869New York, USA P19215
74 Gragg, Harry K  8 Sep 1907New York, USA P19219
75 Gragg, Karl Lawrence Sr  7 Aug 1920New York, USA P19166
76 Gragg, Neil Bruce Sr  24 Jul 1924New York, USA P19177
77 Graham, Isabelle  1889New York, USA P17613
78 Griffin, Gladys M  1902New York, USA P7536
79 Guerin, Harvey  3 Jul 1928New York, USA P32026
80 Hansen, Diane Louise  New York, USA P14971
81 Harmon, Cerisa M  Apr 1866New York, USA P33004
82 Harmon, Clarence  1855New York, USA P33008
83 Harmon, Eliza Ann  1857New York, USA P32974
84 Harmon, Florence  1855New York, USA P33007
85 Harmon, George  1860New York, USA P33006
86 Harmon, George W  Nov 1830New York, USA P32991
87 Harmon, Hortensia  1853New York, USA P33003
88 Harmon, Nancy  1866New York, USA P33005
89 Hartung, Jane  Sep 1891New York, USA P41171
90 Henry, Hellen M  1854New York, USA P38906
91 Henry, Peter  1806New York, USA P5315
92 Herrick, Viola Gertrude  1905New York, USA P23778
93 Higman, Catherine  Jun 1842New York, USA P19185
94 Kirvin, Ellen A  1852New York, USA P41179
95 Kniffen, Lillian  Oct 1871New York, USA P37249
96 Lajoy, Mary L  Apr 1877New York, USA P38979
97 LaMonday, Mary  Dec 1869New York, USA P31998
98 LaMonday, Oliver  1848New York, USA P32008
99 Lanese, Albert  24 Jan 1912New York, USA P33126
100 LaPorte, Eugene Joseph  14 Jun 1897New York, USA P12169

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Norma L  8 Jun 1964New York, USA P22017
2 Belanger, Dora M  6 Jun 1987New York, USA P37551
3 Berry, Jabez  New York, USA P2640
4 Chalmers, Chester Calvin  6 Jan 1978New York, USA P15050
5 Curtis, Hazel E  New York, USA P9933
6 Davies, Elizabeth  29 Sep 1906New York, USA P42337
7 Davison, Elisabeth  New York, USA P42358
8 Davison, Ella E  5 May 1988New York, USA P42360
9 Davison, Harriet  11 Jan 1950New York, USA P42113
10 Dodge, Cora  21 Sep 1968New York, USA P1505
11 Donavan, Cornelia M  27 Jul 1928New York, USA P28813
12 Gallant, Delena M  1952New York, USA P27952
13 Gragg, Harry K  17 Jun 1990New York, USA P19219
14 Heizhaus, Elizabeth  12 May 1873New York, USA P29702
15 Huff, Linwood Edgar  17 Mar 1963New York, USA P20063
16 Knights, Earl M  23 Jan 1984New York, USA P19908
17 Meader, Lorenzo B  27 Oct 1928New York, USA P28814
18 Melody, Della A  Nov 1944New York, USA P34515
19 Moffit, James J  22 Aug 1911New York, USA P41180
20 Moffitt, William  1992New York, USA P18735
21 Muncey, Marion Lavinnie  13 Oct 2012New York, USA P19784
22 Muncey, Rebecca Florence  22 Dec 2004New York, USA P19782
23 Powell, Evan Lastone  21 Sep 1960New York, USA P17100
24 Saville, Norman J  10 Dec 1967New York, USA P41846
25 Scheib, Katherine  21 Oct 1957New York, USA P41834
26 Shute, Hannah  1901New York, USA P26168
27 Spencer, Peter Francis Jr  25 Jan 1987New York, USA P9931
28 Winn, John William  4 Jan 1940New York, USA P30500
29 Woodward, Tenia O  1959New York, USA P19179
30 Worlock, Lyle Francis  1955New York, USA P18328
31 Wynn, Mary Christiana  25 Aug 1969New York, USA P34570
32 Young, Marcia G  Jan 1990New York, USA P36711


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Garone, Antoinette  2 Nov 1934New York, USA P42350
2 Garone, Michele Angelo  19 Feb 1944New York, USA P42332


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Baldwin, Susan Emily  1906New York, USA P3565
2 Brush, Isador  1 May 1858New York, USA P30015
3 Garone, Angelo  1 Jun 1899New York, USA P42389
4 Lenihan, John  1 May 1855New York, USA P29303
5 Nolan, Sarah A  10 Sep 1878New York, USA P1100
6 Zito, Vito Modesto  23 Apr 1913New York, USA P31030


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beauregard, Lena T  Apr 1883New York, USA P3791
2 Bradley, Emily M  Apr 1843New York, USA P11387
3 Caten, Martin Louis  1887New York, USA P29295
4 Farnsworth, Mary B  1855New York, USA P6341
5 Henry, Peter  1809New York, USA P5315
6 Moffitt, Matthew S  25 Sep 1887New York, USA P41172
7 Simmons, Grace  Apr 1891New York, USA P41837


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Dodge, Cora  25 Sep 1968New York, USA P1505


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Gragg, Karl Lawrence Sr  24 Dec 1946New York, USA P19166


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Beauregard / Mourya  1880New York, USA F667
2 Cole / Shaver  18 Nov 1852New York, USA F1228
3 McMullen / Smith  1897New York, USA F9914