Families of Clinton, Maine

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Pennsylvania, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1767Pennsylvania, USA P25113
2 Margaret A  26 Dec 1831Pennsylvania, USA P41045
3 Marie C  1898Pennsylvania, USA P4839
4 Wendi  Pennsylvania, USA P23547
5 Althouse, Kelso  1889Pennsylvania, USA P16295
6 Bell, Charity  8 Jul 1832Pennsylvania, USA P11088
7 Berry, Priscilla  Pennsylvania, USA P25099
8 Bray, Nellie  Sep 1889Pennsylvania, USA P41034
9 Bray, William F  Aug 1861Pennsylvania, USA P41025
10 Callingham, Anna E  1838Pennsylvania, USA P41042
11 Callingham, William Main  1859Pennsylvania, USA P41030
12 Calvin, Annie Sarah Cox  Dec 1866Pennsylvania, USA P9639
13 Challacomb, Nellie S  30 Jul 1844Pennsylvania, USA P24813
14 Confer, Benjamin Franklin  3 Oct 1864Pennsylvania, USA P25095
15 Confer, John  Pennsylvania, USA P25100
16 Cressman, Robert  1892Pennsylvania, USA P42136
17 Delaney, Mary Jane  1928Pennsylvania, USA P25141
18 Derr, Sarah Ellen  1837Pennsylvania, USA P25056
19 Fisher, Charles  Pennsylvania, USA P24928
20 Fogg, Lillie M  7 Aug 1888Pennsylvania, USA P19115
21 Fogg, Mildred  6 Aug 1896Pennsylvania, USA P19117
22 Forney, Jacob  1844Pennsylvania, USA P25102
23 Foss, Levi  21 Jan 1826Pennsylvania, USA P9948
24 Foulk, George  1852Pennsylvania, USA P14104
25 Foulk, John Dudley  Oct 1862Pennsylvania, USA P14089
26 George, Anna E  1881Pennsylvania, USA P19092
27 Glass, Isabelle  Sep 1857Pennsylvania, USA P19056
28 Goodale, Udolphus Cicero  21 Dec 1817Pennsylvania, USA P28396
29 Hall, Abraham  1841Pennsylvania, USA P25114
30 Hall, Glenn W  1917Pennsylvania, USA P25050
31 Hall, Joseph  1876Pennsylvania, USA P25117
32 Hall, Richard  1818Pennsylvania, USA P25077
33 Hamilton, Robert A  1882Pennsylvania, USA P18230
34 Hammer, Catherine  1817Pennsylvania, USA P36114
35 Harter, Sarah  1861Pennsylvania, USA P14090
36 Hartranft, Caroline M  Jan 1862Pennsylvania, USA P14088
37 Horlacher, Anna Mary  1826Pennsylvania, USA P25076
38 Hughes, Amy O  1872Pennsylvania, USA P15661
39 Hughes, Edith E  1869Pennsylvania, USA P15662
40 Hughes, William J  1874Pennsylvania, USA P15660
41 Jillio, Brenda  Pennsylvania, USA P9384
42 Johns, Edward William  12 Nov 1899Pennsylvania, USA P39091
43 Johns, Lois Wyzatta  28 Nov 1926Pennsylvania, USA P26504
44 Jones, Samuel  1818Pennsylvania, USA P32679
45 Kaupp, Emma  9 Jan 1873Pennsylvania, USA P25048
46 Kenney, Henry Joseph  1929Pennsylvania, USA P29705
47 Kenney, Mary  1927Pennsylvania, USA P29706
48 Kuhn, Susie Pauline  2 Jun 1908Pennsylvania, USA P25148
49 Kutz, George  Pennsylvania, USA P30672
50 Kutz, Mary Ann  24 Aug 1832Pennsylvania, USA P29499
51 Logue, James B  1834Pennsylvania, USA P29500
52 Logue, Mary V  17 Dec 1854Pennsylvania, USA P29421
53 Mallon, Edward  1907Pennsylvania, USA P41021
54 McAnulty, John  1813Pennsylvania, USA P36113
55 McAnulty, Rachel  1839Pennsylvania, USA P36091
56 McAnulty, Susan M  1844Pennsylvania, USA P36095
57 McDonald, Allen  1906Pennsylvania, USA P19101
58 McDonald, Edward  1908Pennsylvania, USA P19100
59 McDonald, Joseph F  1883Pennsylvania, USA P19099
60 McDonald, Raymond  1905Pennsylvania, USA P19102
61 McGonagle, Elizabeth  20 Dec 1822Pennsylvania, USA P32678
62 McKeag, Bertha  1879Pennsylvania, USA P25071
63 McKeag, Harry Lee  Jan 1887Pennsylvania, USA P25070
64 McKeag, Maud  Feb 1889Pennsylvania, USA P25069
65 Meisner, David  Pennsylvania, USA P33915
66 Miller, Charles S  1910Pennsylvania, USA P25137
67 Miller, Hester  14 Mar 1810Pennsylvania, USA P25097
68 Miller, Walter L  1887Pennsylvania, USA P25136
69 Moody, Annie J  Dec 1882Pennsylvania, USA P19059
70 Moody, Benjamin W  Mar 1885Pennsylvania, USA P19058
71 Moody, Bessie M  Aug 1890Pennsylvania, USA P19057
72 Moody, Virginia  18 Apr 1880Pennsylvania, USA P19054
73 Moon, William Riley  23 Mar 1843Pennsylvania, USA P32309
74 Nelson, Anna E  1907Pennsylvania, USA P17483
75 Nord, Arvid Daniel Sr  1901Pennsylvania, USA P31175
76 Phillips, Charlotte O  14 Sep 1942Pennsylvania, USA P23243
77 Phillips, George Washington  15 Oct 1805Pennsylvania, USA P25098
78 Phillips, Harry Robert  1924Pennsylvania, USA P25090
79 Phillips, Josephine E  1913Pennsylvania, USA P25085
80 Phillips, Marvine S  1928Pennsylvania, USA P25091
81 Phillips, Matilda B  1930Pennsylvania, USA P25088
82 Phillips, Mildred  1914Pennsylvania, USA P25084
83 Phillips, Pauline K  1928Pennsylvania, USA P25089
84 Phillps, Josephine  6 Oct 1849Pennsylvania, USA P25101
85 Rahn, Hilton Nicks Jr  29 Nov 1929Pennsylvania, USA P26488
86 Salley, Horace J  1866Pennsylvania, USA P36092
87 Salley, Samuel Stewart  24 Sep 1869Pennsylvania, USA P27433
88 Samler, Mary  1897Pennsylvania, USA P42135
89 Sanders, Andrew Jackson  1835Pennsylvania, USA P25057
90 Sanders, Hannah Elizabeth  13 Apr 1856Pennsylvania, USA P25052
91 Shaffer, Charles Abram  18 Aug 1851Pennsylvania, USA P25119
92 Shaffer, Florence Margaret May  19 Mar 1886Pennsylvania, USA P25124
93 Shaffer, Hester  1877Pennsylvania, USA P25126
94 Shaffer, Mary A  10 Dec 1890Pennsylvania, USA P25123
95 Shaffer, Saloma  1873Pennsylvania, USA P25127
96 Sheive, Albert Alanston  1858Pennsylvania, USA P25288
97 St Clair, Catherine  6 Feb 1832Pennsylvania, USA P9947
98 Stockline, Harry E  31 Oct 1914Pennsylvania, USA P12119
99 Stockline, Terrence  Pennsylvania, USA P12117
100 Stockline, Timothy T Sr  Pennsylvania, USA P12118

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Althouse, Kelso  1959Pennsylvania, USA P16295
2 Bartlett, Mary G  13 Jan 1882Pennsylvania, USA P25096
3 Delaney, Mary Jane  2 Jun 1998Pennsylvania, USA P25141
4 Eigleberger, Mary Elizabeth  1934Pennsylvania, USA P25054
5 Fogg, Lillie M  1 Mar 1891Pennsylvania, USA P19115
6 Forney, Jacob  1895Pennsylvania, USA P25102
7 Horn, Nathaniel E  1838Pennsylvania, USA P36265
8 Norman, Melbourne George  10 Jul 1970Pennsylvania, USA P22623
9 Phillips, George Washington  20 Mar 1876Pennsylvania, USA P25098
10 Rahn, Hilton Nicks Jr  7 Dec 2011Pennsylvania, USA P26488
11 Shaffer, Saloma  1899Pennsylvania, USA P25127
12 White, Lewis  10 Nov 1883Pennsylvania, USA P42127


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eisler, Phillip S  1849Pennsylvania, USA P25067
2 Harter, Sarah  1857Pennsylvania, USA P14090
3 Swope, Lewis  1858Pennsylvania, USA P14091


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Carlson / Nelson  1926Pennsylvania, USA F4571
2 Foulke / Swope  30 Jun 1923Pennsylvania, USA F3367
3 Miller / Shaffer  1909Pennsylvania, USA F7200
4 O'Hern / Jillio  Pennsylvania, USA F2024
5 Phillips / Confer  31 Oct 1911Pennsylvania, USA F7185
6 Phillips / Hall  1936Pennsylvania, USA F7169
7 Phillips / Weikel  1954 Pennsylvania, USA F7168